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Waste Management, Environmental Law & Energy

Waste management, environmental law and energy belong to UGB’s core and key practice areas. Our lawyers have a deep knowledge of Slovak, European and international legislation and extensive experience primarily in the areas of waste management, mineral extraction, geology, nature and landscape protection, and protection of air, soil, waters and other environmental compartments. In addition to our legal expertise in this sector, clients also appreciate our understanding of the functioning of the sector.

We primarily advise on the issues of environmental burdens, emissions, and legal due diligence audits from the perspective of environmental compliance, securing licenses and authorizations, as well as review environmental impact assessments (EIA/SEA). In the field of waste management, we provide legal services to all affected entities - municipalities, waste producers, specified product manufacturers, collection companies, waste processors, producer responsibility organizations, coordination centers, investors and various associations.

Our services include, in particular, advising on price regulation, the correct implementation of the European legislation into the Slovak legislation and its application, the generation, supply and trading of utilities, the construction, purchase and sale of energy facilities and energy infrastructure, including securing and maintaining of all permits.

Our Experience

Multinational waste management company

Comprehensive legal advice on the introduction of a new Waste Act and on the preparation of a model general binding municipal regulation when implementing it, as well as the harmonization of waste management contracts concluded with cities and municipalities.

Producer responsibility organization

Legal advice on the establishment of coordination centers, the preparation of a template contract on the performance of obligations by coordination centers, and comprehensive legal advice on the preparation of contractual documentation with electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers, the creation of the system of and contractual documents for electrical and electronic equipment recycling contribution refunds, and the preparation of template waste and material waste flow management contracts.

Land association

Legal advice on the prevention of the construction of a landfill in a mining extraction site and illegal waste placement.

Private client

Legal advice and representation in environmental impact assessment (EIA) proceedings in connection with the planned construction of a recreational and sports facility, as well as strategic impact assessment (SEA), including seeking claims for damages in connection with the planned ban on activities in the territory of a municipality as a result of the adoption of a strategic document.

Foreign investor

Legal assessment of the possibility of building a crude oil pipeline on the border of the Žitný ostrov island from the perspective of environmental laws.