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Tax & Estate Planning

Tax law is one of UGB’s most significant areas of specialization. Our lawyers have gained unique experience not only practicing in law firms but also within tax advisory firms. At the same time, our accounting knowledge creates unique prerequisites for providing high-quality tax and legal counselling.

In the area of tax and tax optimization, we provide services related to transfer pricing, tax structuring of transactions, direct taxes, VAT, excise duties, local taxes, customs duties and charges, tax aspects of employing foreigners and posting employees, wage costs, deductible items, and tax inspections.

We also represent clients in tax proceedings before tax authorities, as well as in judicial reviews of decisions issued in tax proceedings and, last but not least, we provide tax-legal compliance program services.

Our Experience

Slovak branch of a foreign bank

Tax and legal advice and representation before the tax administrator in respect of the first collective VAT registration of a foreign bank and its branch in the territory of Slovakia under the VAT Act.

Gravel sand producer

Tax and legal advice on tax optimization in the sale of business and real estate as well as extraction rights exceeding EUR 8 million.

Multiple domestic and foreign companies

Comprehensive tax and legal advice on setting and defending a particular transfer pricing method, setting up a permanent establishment from the perspective of the Income Tax Act and the VAT Act, assessing international taxation of top managers’ incomes, and assessing international taxation of dividends, interest rates, license fees and other similar charges.

Multiple domestic and foreign companies

Tax and legal advice on creating a holding structure.

Real estate developer

Tax and legal advice on a tax inspection regarding VAT, representation of the client in tax assessment proceedings and in the administrative judiciary concerning the refund of a total excess VAT of about half a million euros, including referring a question to the EU Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling.