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Real Estate & Construction

Real estate and construction represent one of UGB’s major practice areas.

Our lawyers have a detailed knowledge of the real estate market and provide a wide spectrum of services from land preparation, property relationship settlement, permitting proceedings, the development, use and management of various projects to real estate disposals, including in particular the purchase, sale and lease of land, buildings, residential and non-residential premises.

We have a wealth of experience in providing services not only to the largest developers, but also to minor or emerging companies and private clients. Therefore, we understand the specifics and needs of various projects and transactions very well, from comprehensive and demanding to small and simple ones.

We provide our clients with comprehensive advice on the purchase, sale and lease of all types of properties, including legal due diligence, on the construction and reconstruction of projects, including permitting procedures, on the regulation of contractual relationships with real estate use and management related service providers and, last but not least, on the structuring of real estate projects and negotiation of transaction documents.

Our Experience

Major development company

Comprehensive legal advice on land preparation, settlement and regulation of property relations, design and engineering activities, financing, development and construction, complete coverage of relations with suppliers, tenants and owners of neighboring properties, real estate portfolio management in connection with multiple office and residential projects in the territory of Bratislava, as well as advice on the potential acquisition or construction of various real estate projects in Central Europe, the Balkans, the UK, and the USA.

Multinational industrial park developer

Legal advice on the acquisition of large land plots (including the acquisition of land plots in bankruptcy proceedings) and the construction of logistic sites, production halls and other industrial properties in several locations in Slovakia.

Heat company

Legal advice on the sale of an industrial site to a Korean investor and related advice on the demolition of one of the highest chimneys in the territory of Slovakia.

Largest Slovak non-financial holding

Legal advice on the division of the National Football Stadium project and associated multifunctional premises, including the subsequent sale of a part of the project to a new investor and the arrangement of mutual relations between the owners of both parts of the project.

Private clients

Legal advice on the sale and purchase of luxury holiday homes in southern Europe, including transaction structuring and arranging for bank financing.