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Intellectual Property, Technology, Personal Data Protection & Media Law

Intellectual property, information technology and personal data protection and media law represent a major area of ​​ UGB’s specialization.

In the areas of ​​intellectual property and information technology, we provide comprehensive legal advice on copyright and copyright-related rights (broadcasting, database), industrial rights, license agreements, software contracts, collective rights management, trademarks, patents, utility models, designs, domains, know-how, and unfair competition. We also advise on e-commerce and organization of payments, electronic signatures, and IT outsourcing.

The provision of legal services in the area of ​​personal data protection is covered by a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) specialist thanks to whom we can help our clients set all processes and documents related to personal data processing, biometrics and monitoring of movement of persons in order to comply with Slovak and European laws, and to be as the least restrictive or administratively burdensome for the client as possible.

We also represent clients in administrative proceedings before various authorities, such as the Industrial Property Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Telecommunications Office, the Broadcasting and Retransmission Council, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, as well as before the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Thanks to the substantial experience of our lawyers in media law, we provide comprehensive legal services to periodicals publishers, electronic media operators, television broadcasters and other media and advertisement entities, both in terms of contract law and public regulation.

Our Experience

Multinational innovative technology corporation

Legal advice on enforcing claims arising from speculative domain registration and trademark infringement, including representation in court proceedings to order an urgent measure and to impose an obligation to transfer the domain to the client’s ownership.

Multinational animal nutritional supplements producer

Legal advice on protecting the client from infringements of industrial property rights, trade secrets and know-how in connection with the unauthorized use of protected bacteria strains.

Major transformer manufacturer

Legal advice on the supply and implementation of a comprehensive software solution from a well-known IT company.

Global brand of luxury cosmetics

Legal advice on drafting the rules and conditions for the processing of personal data of end-customers under a new loyalty system in Slovakia.

Multinational IT company

Legal advice on creating an e-shop for virtual reality products, selling Internet traffic, nutritional supplements, etc.

Major commercial television broadcaster

Comprehensive legal advice on setting the conditions for providing TV program service broadcast content services by the retransmission operator, and drafting tailored form retransmission contracts, licensing agreements and general terms and conditions relating to the retransmission of television broadcasting and the provision of on-demand audiovisual media services.

International alcoholic beverage producer

Legal advice to and representation of the client against its competitor in lodging a complaint to the Advertising Standards Council in connection with breaching the Advertising Act and the Code of Ethics of Advertising Practice in the deceptive labelling and advertising of alcoholic beverages.

Major newspaper publisher

Legal advice and representation in court proceedings in the matter of personality protection and financial compensation for non-material damage against a foreign celebrity singer, including apology in print and electronic media.