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Criminal Law

Criminal law is one of UGB’s key practice areas. We advise clients primarily on economic crime matters, where we can utilize our tax law specialization. Our lawyers, however, are also experienced in handling matters concerning property, violence or drug crime, European arrest warrants, and eaves dropping, and we also focus on the criminal liability of legal persons.

In the context of criminal proceedings, we provide clients with legal assistance from the first moment when performing urgent and unrepeatable acts before initiating prosecution and during the preliminary investigation, we further defend the charged or the accused, including advising on the matters of custody and provision of guarantees replacing custody, and we also represent the injured in claiming damages in adhesion proceedings.

We further provide legal advice in submitting crime commission reports, requests for conditional release of a convicted person, for pardon, for deletion of conviction from criminal records and for a certification decision, compensation of persons injured by violent crimes and, last but not least, we create and implement criminal law compliance programs for our clients, including proposing anti-money laundering and terrorist financing measures.

Our Experience

International liquid fuel trader

Legal advice and representation in criminal proceedings in connection with the suspicion of a fictitious transfer of excise goods, a customs fraud, counterfeiting and changing the control technical measures to designate goods, and tax and insurance premium evasion.

Foreign confectionery producer

Legal advice and representation in criminal proceedings in connection with a fraudulent scam of funds, their detaining and subsequent handing over to the client.

Private client

Legal advice and representation in criminal proceedings concerning damage caused to and preferential treatment of a creditor, and machinations in bankruptcy proceedings.

Private clients

Legal advice to and representation of clients in criminal proceedings regarding suspected VAT evasions, unauthorized excessive VAT deductions, misrepresentation of accounting and commercial documentation, and corporate tax evasions.