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Together we are always one step ahead

Competition Law, State Aid & European Law

Competition law, state aid and European law are the core and key practice areas of UGB. Our lawyers have gained substantial knowledge and experience throughout many years of practicing law, as well as serving at the European Commission in Brussels at the Competition Directorate-General, which enables them, when providing legal services, to reflect the competition authorities’ approach and thus to always be a step ahead.

In the given area we provide comprehensive legal advice and represent clients before the European Commission, the Slovak Antimonopoly Office, and courts in the matters of cartels and vertical agreements restricting competition, abuse of dominance, concentrations, and state aid.

We also assist our clients with dawn raids, with assessing exchange of sensitive information in legal due diligence audits and transactions, representing them in filing leniency applications and, last but not least, in setting tailored competition law compliance programs.

In the field of EU law, we provide comprehensive legal advice on the free movement of persons, goods, services and capital, the single market, represent clients before the European Commission and the EU courts (including preliminary ruling proceedings), conduct analyses and provide opinions on the application of both primary and secondary EU legislation and the decision-making practice of the European courts and other institutions, as well as assess the correct transposition of the EU directives in Slovakia.

We were selected as a very recommended law firm in the Law Firm of the Year 2019 Competition.

Our Experience

Group of car distributors

Comprehensive legal advice to and joint representation of a group of seven distributors of a renowned car brand in proceedings before the Slovak Antimonopoly Office concerning the alleged cartel, where a total fine of almost EUR 25 million and a ban on participation in public procurement are proposed.

Major construction company

Legal advice in administrative proceedings before the Slovak Antimonopoly Office and subsequently in the administrative judiciary, including representation before the Slovak Supreme Court in the matter of a public procurement cartel, where the Slovak Antimonopoly Office imposed a fine of more than EUR 2 million and a ban on participation in public procurement.

Major energy company

Drafting and lodging a complaint to the Slovak Antimonopoly Office concerning a possible abuse of dominance by charging excessive prices.

Several companies active in the telecoms, finance, construction, food and chemical sectors

Legal advice at pre-notification meetings, subsequent notification of the concentration to the Slovak Antimonopoly Office, and preparation of the substantive part of the notification, including assessment of exchange of sensitive information in transaction negotiations from the perspective of competition law.

Central government body

Legal advice on state aid and subsequent notification of state aid concerning the construction of a railway infrastructure in Slovakia to the European Commission.

Major tobacco product importer

Legal advice and representation regarding a complaint to the European Commission concerning a violation of the freedom of movement of goods within Slovakia due to tax discrimination applied to cigars produced in other EU Member States.

Multinational retail food chain

Legal advice on a possible violation of the free movement of capital within Slovakia due to the discriminatory procedure of state administration authorities in relation to entrepreneurs from other EU Member States.

Major Slovak bank

Legal advice on the protection of investments in the area of building and financial savings from the perspective of the EU legislation.

Foreign company

Legal advice on the application of VAT deduction conditions under the EU directives due to their incorrect transposition into the Slovak Value Added Tax Act.