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29 May 2023


According to the currently effective Labour Code, wage benefits for work in non-standard working hours and some other wage supplements are determined by a fixed amount, specified in the law.

17 April 2023

UGB contribution to ICLG

Also in 2023 our colleagues contributed to the prestigious International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) Yearbook in the sections dedicated to the Slovak Republic.


30 March 2023

UGB ranked in the prestigious Chambers & partners ranking in the Competition and Antitrust category

Participation on essential cases in Slovakia, persistence, responsibility, orientation on detail, focus and least but not least client´s trust.


27 January 2022

Legal shorts January 2022


29 December 2021

Legal shorts December 2021


06 November 2021

UGB contribution to ICLG: Cartels & Leniency 2022

For a long time UGB is part of the author's collectives all around the world that contribute to the prestigious ICLG yearbook.


23 August 2021

Look for... the advertisement?!

One of the frequently appearing forms of advertisement which is prohibited, as part of a marketing strategy, is hidden advertising. Nevertheless, a risk of the inadmissibility of an advertisement, which could be evaluated as hidden, may be avoided when complying with the following simple tips.

31 May 2021

New Act on the Protection of Competition – closer to the EU

The Slovak parliament has passed, after twenty years, a new act on the protection of competition. The competition team of UGB - Juraj Steinecker, Ivan Gašperec and Jozef Boledovič – has prepared for you the biggest changes brought in by the new act.


01 May 2021

UGB Has Been Awarded in the Law Firm of the Year 2021

Trust of our clients, hard-work and dedications again put us on the list of the best! The number of our awards in competition "Law Firm of the Year 2021" grows and we want to share them with you!


22 February 2021

The one who has the decisive vote bears the responsibility

On January 27, 2021, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued its judgement in the Goldman Sachs case …


10 February 2021

Superlative and hyperbole in advertising - when the marketing dream becomes a nightmare for lawyers

Advertising uses a number of ways to attract our attention and make us prefer marketed product over the competition. However, some ways can have a negative (and therefore often illegal) effect on consumers and competitors.

24 November 2020

UGB contribution to ICLG: Cartels & Leniency Laws and Regulations 2021

The UGB law firm has again contributed to ICLG's prestigious international publication: Cartels & Leniency Laws and Regulations 2021, covering 21 jurisdictions.


16 October 2020

Granting a suspensive effect to an administrative action – a tool for a fair assessment of objections in public procurement

In its recent decision the Regional Court in Bratislava granted a suspensive effect to an administrative action on judicial review of the lawfulness of the decision of the Office of Public Procurement (UVO) by which the Court stayed the proceedings on the review of the actions of the controlled person.

06 July 2020

Interim measure – a new chapter in enforcement of competition law in Slovakia?

The Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic (AMO) stirred up otherwise quiet waters of Slovak competition law and ordered (according to our knowledge) almost after 18 years, and for first time since joining the EU, an interim measure.


01 June 2020

UGB Has Been Awarded in the Law Firm of the Year 2020

Once again, UGB has been awarded in Law Firm of the Year 2020 in the categories of Energy and Energy Projects (highly recommended), Competition Law (recommended), Tax Law (recommended) and Criminal Law (highly recommended). Many thanks to the entire UGB team as well as to our satisfied clients.


13 March 2020

UGB contribution to ICLG: Environment & Climate Change Law 2020

UGB has also become a proud contributor to the prestigious international publication ICLG: Environment & Climate Change Law 2020, covering 26 jurisdictions.


12 March 2020

Changes regarding the Slovak employees in Austria

An extensive amendment of Austrian income tax act (AITA) came into effect last January. It will have an impact on thousands of Slovak employees and employers.


22 December 2019

UGB contribution to ICLG: Merger Control 2020

UGB has also become a proud contributor to the prestigious international publication ICLG: Merger Control 2020, covering 55 jurisdictions.


05 November 2019

UGB contribution to ICLG: Cartels & Leniency 2020

Once again, we have contributed to the prestigious international publication ICLG: Cartels & Leniency 2020, covering 29 jurisdictions.


01 August 2019

Medical documentation has gained credibility

As of today, falsifying medical records is a criminal offense. What does it mean? Who is affected by this change?

18 April 2019

UGB Has Been Awarded in the Law Firm of the Year 2019

After last year's success, UGB has been awarded again in the prestigious, nationwide Law Firm of the Year 2019, organized by TREND weekly and by EPRAVO Group.


22 March 2019

Are patient health records safe?

GDPR legislation influences all aspects of everyday life. Particular consideration is needed with regards to processing of personal data relating to health records by medical facilities and hospitals. GDPR defines this data as „personal data concerning health should include all data pertaining to the health status of a data subject which reveal information relating to the past, current or future physical or mental health status of the data subject“.


03 March 2019

Resolute position of the Constitutional Court to transfer of agricultural land

On 11 February 2019, the finding of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic was published in the Collection of Laws (file reference PL. ÚS 20/2014 dated 14 November 2018) on inconsistency of certain provision of Legal Act no. 140/2017 C.o.L. on transfer of ownership of agricultural land as amended with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic.


20 November 2018

Diagnosis is not superior to law

Partner Ivan Gašperec took part at the third medicolegal conference, MedLaw 2018, where they gave presentation on informed consent as a precondition for health care provision lege artis.

13 July 2018

UGB Has Been Awarded in the Law Firm of the Year 2018 Competition

Our law firm has been awarded as a recommended law firm in the Competition Law category in the prestigious, nationwide Law Firm of the Year 2018


30 June 2018

The Court of Justice of the EU has sided with employees

On 14 May 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled on the compulsory introduction of an electronic system allowing the registration of working time of employees. This decision marks a fundamental change in the system and form of keeping working time records in the European area.


29 May 2018

New copyright Directive - controversy or discrimination?

At its session on 26.3.2019, MEPs approved Directive 2016/0280 (COD) on copyright in the Digital Single Market. This voting has thus sealed a three-year legislative torture of a unified European copyright regulation.